Energetic and structural approaches.

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy. 
Soul Lightening Acupressure, Advanced Certified Practitioner and Instructor.



From newborns to elders, this work supports wellness on every level —


Have any? Together we can reset your nervous system to reduce the effects of stress and achieve stability and balance.

Injury & Pain

Physical... emotional... mental... spiritual dis-ease... help tease these apart and create peace and clarity.


Give newborns the opportunity to clear trauma
from their birth experience


Healing sessions for newborns: Parents can be present as I work with your baby to establish a healthy balance within its being on every level, to help it flourish as it grows.

Your first newborn visit is my gift to you, at no charge.
In the following months and years, sessions can also be particularly beneficial during growth spurts.


Healing sessions for children and young people


Your child gathers new life experiences and information every day. Assist your child to integrate these daily experiences as they grow with gentle, supportive, and timely sessions.


Support for modern adult lives


Find support for navigating life on this planet. Come experience bodywork that clears, balances, integrates, and supports your whole being. 


Receive support for your full, authentic self.


Connect to your elemental self. Sensitive individuals benefit from regular support. Sessions can help you access your divine self and increase your inner stability.


With death comes process.


Receive support after a death: 
Consider a visit after the passing of a dear one.
First bereavement visits are my gift to you, at no charge.